Frank Frazetta is considered by many to be THE greatest heroic-fantasy artist of all time. His work has influenced generations of artists, fans, designers, and movie directors. From his 1950s comics; to his breathtaking book covers featuring Tarzan, King Kong, and John Carter of Mars; to his 1960s monster magazines Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella; to his major movie posters, including After the Fox, The Night They Raided Minsky's and Whats New Pussycat?; and, of course, his revolutionary Conan paintings, Frazetta defines legend.

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Frazetta (February 9, 1928--May 10, 2010) began studies at the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at age eight. At 16, Frazetta began 'funny animal' comic book work as Fritz (which drew invitations from Disney), and other themes including his longest running comics series, White Indian. In the early '50s, he worked for EC, DC/National, ME and others--much of which was done in collaboration with Al Williamson and Roy Krenkel.

During the mid-'50s while the comics industry was hurting, Frazetta produced his classic Buck Rogers covers for Famous Funnies, and landed highly coveted work with his own newspaper strip, Johnny Comet. After more than a year on Comet, Frazetta started working with Al Capp on the Li'l Abner comic strip.

In the early 1960s, Frazetta followed Roy Krenkel into Edgar Rice Burroughs book illustration work for Canaveral and ACE. He also produced men's

magazine work and joined Harvey Kurtzman on the parody strip Little Annie Fanny in Playboy magazine.

In the mid-'60s Frank's mock Breck Shampoo ad featuring Ringo Starr for the back cover of MAD caught the eye of United Artists studios.

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Spurlock and Frazetta. Father's Day 1996.

In 2003, the popular feature film documenting the life and career of Frazetta was released entitled, Frazetta: Painting With Fire.

Frazetta's highly regarded works have sold for as much as $1.5 million and have hung in prestigious exhibitions including the Society of Illustrators in New York and the Allentown Museum of Fine Art, as well as Frazetta's own museum.

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He was approached to do the movie poster for What's New Pussycat? and earned the equivalent to his prior year's salary in one afternoon. Several other movie posters followed. But the un-bridled full-force Frazetta was unleash-ed upon the world as never before with the cover for the sword-and-sorcery collection Conan the Adventurer, featuring the classic character by Robert E. Howard (Lancer 1966). From this point on, Frazetta's work was ever, in great demand.

Frazetta and Spurlock at the 6-1-2000 Frazetta Museum pre-Grand Opening(the third location.) Photo by Nadia Mannarino.
Recent Appearances
Since the signing of the 15 year contract with Frank Frazetta and the creation of the Vanguard Frazetta Classics line of books, author and Vanguard founder J. David Spurlock has appeared with and/or hosted various Frazetta family members and friends including Holly Frazetta, Bill Frazetta, Sara Frazetta Taylor and Danielle Frazetta at comic-con appear-ances around the county. For the latest news, join Vanguard Productions on FaceBook.

Holly Frazetta, Jason Momoa, J. David Spurlock & Sara Frazetta Taylor, Tampa 2013

J. David Spurlock and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Holly Frazetta, J. David Spurlock & Frank Brunner. San Diego 2013.

A crowd starts to gather as Frank Frazetta (left) discusses art with Vanguard's J. David Spurlock (right), in this Doc Dave Winiewicz photo, during Frank's surprise San Diego Comic-Con appearance in 1995.

J. David Spurlock and Bill Frazetta at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

Excerpted from the March, 8, 2010 Press Release:
Frank Frazetta Signs with Vanguard Publishing

Oct 14, 2009 Frazetta and Spurlock. Photo by Rob Pistella

Legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta and acclaimed publisher Vanguard Productions announce a new publishing relationship. Frank Frazetta said, "We've known Vanguard publisher J. David Spurlock for many years. Vanguard publishes the very best! I have enjoyed their books on Hal Foster, Al Williamson, Jeffrey Jones, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Basil Gogos, Carmine Infantino and more.

"David helped on our Painting with Fire documentary and we helped him on Vanguard's Roy G. Krenkel, Wally Wood, and J. Allen St.John books. It is a natural that we should work together. I am looking forward to seeing the quality job they do on the new Frazetta books."

Vanguard's publications have been distributed through Diamond Distributors since 1993 with expanded trade distribution since 2000, through nearly every major distributor including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Continental Sales Inc.

Vanguard's presence at trade-shows include San Diego Comic-Con International (2013 marks Vanguard's twentieth consecutive year at Comic-Con), Book Expo America (often with their longtime associates, Watson-Guptill), New York Comic-Con, Wizard World, etc.

Vanguard represents many top creators. Numerous Vanguard-related talents including Neal Adams, Carmine Infantino, Jim Steranko, and Vanguard publisher, J. David Spurlock are featured on the recent STARZ network documentary, Comic Books Unbound.

Vanguard founder J. David Spurlock said, "We are very excited about launching a line of Frazetta books under the new Vanguard Frazetta Classics brand.

"The line will include a series of volumes collecting Frazetta's comics work in top quality book format.

"Other Vanguard Frazetta Classics will include a new edition of the 2008 hit, Frazetta-The Definitive Reference, a richly illustrated index of every Frazetta work ever published; a Frank Frazetta Sketchbook; and more-all in library-quality collections fully authorized by Frank Frazetta."

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