The Complete Johnny Comet

By Frank Frazetta

Announcing Vol 1 of the new Vanguard Frazetta Classics series: The Complete Johnny Comet. Frazetta's famous newspaper-strip masterpiece is back in a hardcover for the first time in 20 years! But, for the first time in any collection, it is being shot from Frank's personal artist's proofs making this the best reproduction ever! This is the definitive, official edition authorized by Frank Frazetta.

Hardcover Edition

ISBN-10: 1-934331-22-8

* 224 8.5x11 heavy, glossy pages.
* $39.95/$49.95 CN (+ $9.00 U.S. S/H)

Softcover Edition


* 224 8.5x11 heavy, glossy pages.
*$24.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Deluxe Hardcover Edition


*Vanguard announces a deluxe,  slipcased HC edition of their Complete Frazetta Johnny Comet Collection. In addition to over 200 pages of Frazetta Johnny Comet newspaper strips on art-book quality paper and Sunday strips in full color, the Deluxe features a unique movie-poster style cover and an exclusive, 16-pg bonus folio of  Frazetta art.

* $300.00 (+ $9.00 U.S. S/H)

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